events from Friday

Posted by Randy
Sep 22 2012

Yesterday was a little crazy, I felt OK upon waking yesterday morning, but a little while later noticed my heart was pounding. I checked my pulse & found it was 2x normal. I called the nurses station at ST. Lukes Hospital (CVU), they said I should go to the ER. Went to the ER & after consulting with my Cardiologist & Cardio/thoracic Surgion, they gave me an extra dose of the medicine (IV) that stabilizes the Blood Pressure & pulse. Very shortly the pulse dropped back to normal levels. This was a recurrence of the atrial / fibrillation that I had when in the hospital. We stayed another couple hours at the ER to make things stabilized. Bottom line, they have doubled the dose of 1 of the medicines & increased the other medicine approx 30%. Both these medicines stabilize & reduce the load on the Heart. The rest of the day was uneventfull & I had a decent nights sleep. FYI my appetite is now back to normal.

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