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Thank The Lord for a un-eventful day!

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Jul 07 2015

Dad started the day highly sedated in the ICU with a “balloon pump” in his heart to let the right side rest and to help with the pressure. He was also still on the ventilator. We did get to visit a few different times throughout the day. They took the balloon pump out this evening and hope to get him off the breathing tube later tonight. Hopefully when we get there in the morning he will be conscious and not remember much of the last 24 hours.

– Laura

Dad always has to keep things exciting

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Jul 06 2015

So a quick update on Dad. When they went to put him on the heart/lung machine the Doctor noticed all of his blood went missing. Dad’s aorta sprung a leak and he bled into his chest cavity. The doctor has never seen that happen before and can only guess that when the doctor in toledo fixed his aortic aneurism 3 years ago he didn’t graft enough of it and this section was week as well. They fixed the hole in his aorta by grafting the rest of it. The rest of the surgery (valve replacement) went without incident, but because of the “blown hose” they did not want to enlarge the root of his heart. 

Dad has not been transferred to the ICU yet, but we should be able to visit with him in a couple of hours.

– Laura

Here we go again…

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Jul 05 2015
  1. I’m having open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve that is a mismatch for me. (Valve is too small dia. for my body). Symptoms I have are minor chest pressure, shortess of breath & higher gradient pressure in the pumping chamber of heart. The higher pressure is very damaging to the heart in the long term. The surgeon didn’t want to wait more than 3-6 months to have operation. 
  2. The operation is being performed at Cleveland clinic tomorrow morning. Approx. length of surgery is 5 hrs.