We Got the Beat

Update | Posted by Laura
Sep 14 2012

Just a quick exciting update. While we were visiting with dad this evening his heart monitor dinged and I noticed his heart rate dropped from about 120 down to 84. A few moments later a nurse came in and informed us that the ding meant his heart skipped a beat and then went back into a normal rhythm!

It is good to sit with him and not have him breathing hard the whole time :)

Keeping the Rhythm

Update | Posted by Laura
Sep 14 2012

This morning Dad had an atrial fibrillation which is basically an irregular heart beat. They have put him on a blood thinner as well as something to try and steady the rhythm. They did a procedure where they tried to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm, but it didn’t stay there.

This is a common thing to happen and is most likely caused by the swelling around the heart as it heals. It should correct itself in the near future, but if it doesn’t they will try the shock procedure again.

Because of this incident they have pushed back his release date until they know they have this under control.

Free Bird

Update | Posted by Laura
Sep 13 2012

When we visited Dad this morning he was looking much better. This morning they took out his last chest tube, so he can breathe without pain. By this evening he should be a “Free Bird” as his nurse said and will be tube free.

He took a stroll around the hall this morning and made it all the way around the nurses station which is an island with all of the rooms around it.

They told us this morning that he should be coming home Saturday if all continues as it has been going. Tomorrow morning we will have our “discharge class” at 10:30 am.

Pain and Pudding

Update | Posted by Laura
Sep 12 2012

When we got to the hospital to visit today, Dad was just having lunch. Of course he started with his chocolate pudding and then moved on to the other more “healthy” options.

The breathing tubes came out about 11 pm last night and two of the chest drainage tunes have been removed. His biggest complaint is the pain that he has from the one remaining chest tube that pulls/tugs when he moves. They have him on the “good” pain meds to help with that, so he is drifting in and out of sleep.

This afternoon he will get his own private room where he will be for the remainder of his stay.

Surgery Update

Update | Posted by Laura
Sep 11 2012

Just spoke with Dr. Riordan and he has informed us that everything went well with the surgery. They did end up having to replace part of the aorta which we knew was a possibility.

Mom and I a just waiting for him to get situated in the ICU and then we can go see him for a few minutes. He will not be awake yet, but they foresee no issues as he slowly wakes up.

Pre-Surgery Information

Update | Posted by Randy
Sep 08 2012

Open Heart Surgery is scheduled for Sept 11

I am scheduled for a single by-pass, a replacement tissue aortic valve, & possibly a new section of aorta. I was born with a bicuspic aortic valve instead of a tricuspic aortic valve. This is a fairly common abnormality.